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Country Radio: Wicked-Good For Maine Small Business

Portland Maine Radio Country Music Small Business Advertising

A headline in the New York Times on April 6 proclaimed, "Young, Rich and Ruling Radio, Country Walks a Broader Line."  Nationally, radio reaches 93% of all adult consumers during the course of a week. Over 14% of these consumers choose to listen to country radio, more than any other format according to Nielsen Audio, the radio ratings company. This is bigger than the audience for news/talk radio (11.3%) and Top 40 radio (8.0%). So what does all of this mean for the advertising and marketing plans of small businesses in the Portland, Maine and southern Maine area?  Quite a lot, actually.

Radio Ads: Highest ROI for Maine Small Business

Portland Maine Radio Return on Investment Advertising Small Business

Radio advertisers have known it for almost 92 years, but a new study confirms it. Research giant Nielsen Catalina found, on average, radio commercials produce a $6.00 sales lift for every $1.00 invested. According to Ad Age magazine, these findings indicate that advertisers can expect higher returns-on investment from radio than TV, digital, or social media.  Small businesses who advertise on Portland, Maine area radio stations have found this to be true also.

Portland Maine Radio: Word-of-Mouth A Million Ears At A Time

Portland Maine Radio Small Business Advertising Marketing

In a recent poll, 40% of small business owners ranked word-of-mouth advertising as their most powerful marketing tool. Although word-of-mouth has benefited from social media such as Facebook and Twitter, the transmission of word-of-mouth advertising is usually slow because it typically travels from one-mouth-at-a-time to two-ears-at-a-time.  Radio in Maine, however, is like word-of-mouth on steroids. The advertising message of a Maine small business can travel from a single mouth to over one million ears in a very short period of time.  Here are some great examples how radio puts its mouth where the customers ears are.

5 Things Your Radio Ad Can Do Without. Tips For Maine Small Business

Portland Maine Radio Advertising Maine Small Business Commercials

The typical sixty-second radio commercial comprises, at best, 165 words.  On average, each word of the commercial costs a Maine small business 60-cents.  To make every word count, we have put together a list of five things not to include in your commercial because they take-up valuable words.  Eliminating these things will allow you the time necessary to create the most engaging and compelling commercials possible.

7 Things Maine Small Business Needs To Know About Online Radio

Portland Maine Radio Online Radio Listening Small Business Advertising Man Listening To Radio edited 1

Full disclosure: I am listening to online radio as I write this article. As a matter of fact, I am listening to a radio station my company owns in Portland, Maine at  I am not alone. Last month consumers spent 165,000 hours listening to the live online-streams of five radio stations that Portland Radio Group operates in southern Maine. Almost 1/2 of all Americans now consume their favorite radio stations through an internet device in addition to clock radios, car radios, and tabletop radios.  It is important that Maine Small Business owners who depend on local radio to advertise their products and services to understand how the audio landscaping is changing.

Maine Small Business: "I Tried Radio Once and It Didn't Work"

Portland Maine Radio

This year marks the 92nd anniversary of the first radio commercial. I imagine that it is also the 92nd anniversary of the phrase, "I tried radio advertising once and didn't work."  But don't tell that to Portland, Maine real-estate agent Cathy Manchester whose home sales doubled after using radio for one year.  Or to Michael Storey the owner a Southern Maine landscaping company whose sales increased by 45% with the help of radio advertising.  Or to the owners of Motel 6 who used radio advertising exclusively to expand from a single location in Santa Barbara to more than 1000 locations across the country (and each one still leaves the light on for you).  The fact is, after 92 years the test is over and the results are in: RADIO WORKS for a lot of small businesses.  So, why do we still hear, "I tried radio once and it didn't work."

What's The Story? Maine Radio Advertiser Makes Every Word Count

Portland Maine Radio Commercial Small Business

The cost for a Maine small business or non-profit organization to buy a commercial on a Portland radio station could be about 63-cents per word. So it's important to make every word count, especially since multiple commercials will be needed to ensure the success of a campaign and those pennies will quickly add up.  Some advertisers choose to use the 160 words of their commercial to disseminate a list of facts about their business: telephone number, store hours, aggregate year of experience, prices, and guarantees.  Others businesses choose to use their commercials to tell a story, the oldest and most powerful communication method.

Radio Is An Awesome Branding Tool For Maine Small Businesses

Maine Small Buisness Portland Radio Marketing Branding vf

Before we can discuss how radio can be an effective branding tool for Maine's small businesses, it is important to first define what "branding" means.  Attempting to do so reminds me of an old episode of the Twilight Zone when Flight 107 arrives from Buffalo with no passengers, crew or luggage on board.  As investigators begin to share their findings about the plane's mysterious landing, they come the realization that each of them sees the plane differently. Each thinks the seats are a different color and each sees a different tail insignia.  The same thing happens when you ask marketing experts to explain branding: each one describes it differently.

Why Maine Small Business Loves Radio Advertising (And We Do, Too)

Maine Samll Business Portland Maine Radio Heart

Small business in Maine is critical to the state's economy. According to the Small Business Administration, the 143,142 small businesses in Maine represent 97% of all employers in Maine and comprise 58.7% of the state's workforce.  A posting on the SBA website emphatically states that advertising is vital to sustain a small business. According to the post, "Advertising, if done correctly, can do wonders for your product sales, and you know what that means: more revenue and more success for your business."

Radio: Hear To Stay...Good News For Maine Small Business

Small Business Portland Maine Radio Advertising Engagement

In 2004, there was no Pandora.  There was no Spotify.  In 2004, the first podcasts started to appear and the iPod Shuffle was still a year away from its initial release. In 2004, fewer than 20% of Americans could listen to or download music online because most people only had access to dial-up internet.  In 2004, commercial radio, despite being 84 years old, still reigned supreme in the battle for listeners' ears by reaching 93% of all Americans. Flash forward 10 years: AM/FM radio still reaches 93% of all Americans, making it the number one audio choice among consumers and that's good news for Maine Small Business.

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